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About Us

Dalvi Enterprises Software Solutions is a new-age software solutions company whose mission is to help businesses go digital. We deliver top-notch services and good-quality work within the budget. From essential application software development to cloud software and many more, we are proficient in offering outstanding software solutions fulfilling any custom development requirements. One of our primary goals is to help companies go digital, like building websites, making mobile apps, implementing CRM solutions, and consulting them with developing their business processes effectively.

We offer below services:

Web Development

App Development

Software Prototype Designing

Software Consulting

Software Testing

CRM Implementation (MS D365 and Salesforce)

Digital Marketing

Data Analytics

AL, ML, and Chatbots

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Through its innovative strategy and integrated advisory, consulting, and design capabilities, we can help make the future real for clients and communities worldwide.

With our offshore office based in India, we would like to serve clients from Hotels, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Governments, Hospitality, Farming, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Corporations, and Enterprises worldwide by implementing end-to-end solutions to deliver innovation, quality, and speed that our clients’ users expect. In addition, we help clients create custom software that improves their operations and opens new markets.


Dalvi Enterprises Software Solutions (DESS) is a division of Dalvi Enterprises, Belgaum, an established foundry and manufacturer of cast iron and steel castings. Founded in 1987 at Belgaum, it has come a long way with expertise and experience building good quality castings. You can read more by clicking the below button

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